I Need a Hero

Although I typically spend my work-day lunches eating leftovers or frozen low-cal meals in the break room, on occasion I will break free from the constraints of the courthouse for an hour and explore more interesting food options.  A few weeks ago, I went on a pilgrimage to meet the Hero King.

imageThe palace of the Hero King is located in a surprisingly non-descript corner location on Market Street in Newark, a few blocks from Newark Penn Station.

Visitors to the king are richly rewarded for their efforts.  You are feted with sandwiches containing almost any kind of deli meat imaginable.  I went for a sampling of ham, salami, and capicola with all the fixings.  It was delicious, enjoyed at a window seat at the four-person counter.   I looked smugly at serfs swearing allegiance to inferior offerings at Subway and enjoyed all of the cholesterol-laden goodness of my shortie sandwich.  I tried my best to finish it (after all, one doesn’t want to offend the King) but alas, the sandwich bested me.


Fortunately, there were peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to console me.  They were delicious.

We also had an incredible hot chocolate experience at a cafe shortly after lunch, but that’s another story for another post.  I wouldn’t want to offend the King.  Here’s a sneak peak though:


Hero King
406 Market Street
Newark, NJ 07105-2210
(973) 344-2322

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