Could you please pass the fancy salt?

Even though it’s mid-January and we’re now in the latter half of winter that seems to stretch on until about June or so, I’m staving off the mid-winter blues by enjoying the lovely treats I received from friends and family for Christmas.  One of the more exciting foodie gifts came from my sweet law school friends, Katie and Kittu.  As I breathlessly tore past the pineapple Williams Sonoma paper, I discovered…

Real sea salt.  Not the kind that comes in a canister.  Sea salt from France (which automatically makes it better.)  Specifically, île de Ré.  The “I” gets a little hat.  This is the kind of stuff that gets me excited.

To understand why, you should really read this post about another wind-swept island off the  coast of France, Belle-Île en Mer.  Close your eyes for a moment and picture that you’re at the beach, smelling the salty sea air.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Forget all of that snow on the ground.


Back to reality.  At least, if we do not have the beach, we have salt from the sea.  The top of the lid depicts the hand-harvesting process.  Didn’t I tell you this is the good stuff?

And, to complete my delusions of chef-dom (or at least one-day foodie celebutante), they also sent this beautiful salt cellar.  I love the smooth finish and beautiful natural pattern of the wood’s grain; and the lid slides off smoothly and then slips back in place with a magnetic closure.  I feel like it’s the kind of salt container that a Food Network star would have as part of their mise en place.

Can you tell that I am very excited to finish future dishes with petite amounts of real sea salt plucked judiciously from my fancy salt cellar, sprinkled from on high?

Because I really am.

Hi, my name is Starvacious Gal, and I am a food geek.

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